NuWave Stuffed Peppers

NuWave stuffed peppers need a 30 minute cooking process. But first things first. Let’s base our NuWave recipe on the needs of a family of four: the top of four peppers (yellow or red is the sweetest, but you may use green as well) of a medium size is cut off and seeds are taken […]

NuWave Brown and Serve Rolls

Traditional brown and serve rolls can be made in the Nuwave oven in less cooking time than in a normal oven. These rolls are always a favorite at any home-cooked, southern style dinner.  If you are looking for an alternative to the baking of an actual diner roll check out the NuWave Red Lobster Cheddar […]

Steam Vegetables in NuWave Oven

For a healthy side dish at dinner, it is easy to have steam vegetables using the NuWave oven. Any type of vegetables can be used depending on what you want that day and your preferences. It is also important to realize that some vegetables take longer to cook than others.   This is important to […]

NuWave Roasted Potato Recipe

NuWave Herb Roasted Potatoes recipe is the perfect addition to any meal. When you use the NuWave Oven to create this delicious side dish, you can impress everyone at your dinner table with a dish that takes less than a half hour to prepare. Follow the steps below, and enjoy herb roasted potatoes. Time to […]

Nuwave Air Fried French Fries

Oh yes the goodness of french fries usually stripped from the diet of the person trying to eat healthy.  But every once in a while these just have to sneak back in.  Instead of taking off to the nearest fast food restaurant for some greasy, fat dipped potatoes… try whipping up some great, more healthy […]