NuWave Quesadillas Recipe

We are all looking for a kitchen appliance that can cook quality food yet fast and a NuWave oven has proved to do just that. This oven is designed to prepare nutritious and delicious meals extremely fast. It can be used to cook almost all types of foods including quesadilla. NuWave Quesadillas are wheat or […]

Recipe For Nuwave Reuben Sandwich

The Reuben sandwich is an easy- to- make main course having its origins in the United States. It is basically a hot sandwich which consists of Swiss cheese, cornered beef, Russian dressing and Sauerkraut that is placed between pieces of rye bread. Whether you are cooking for your household or entertaining a crowd, when you […]

NuWave Beef Jerky

The meat you will need to start your beef jerky is a beef brisket.  You can have a butcher slice it real thin, or take it home and freeze it and then slice it real thin yourself.  One tip is to hold the meat with a paper towel as you slice it thin so it […]

NuWave Sweet Potato Chips

Some might be looking for an alternative to the high carb regular potato chip snack while others might be looking for a sweet snack that is easy to make.  Both of those problems can be solved by the NuWave sweet potato chip.  A sweet potato has about half the glycemic index of a regular potato. […]

Nuwave Potato Chips

As you probably know a very common unhealthy snack is the potato chip.  I mean if I was going to pick out a snack that people should avoid for the rest of their lives when asked with 5 seconds to answer I would probably instantly go to the potato chip.  But on the other hand […]

NuWave Oven Grilled Cheese

I remember the first time I heard you could do a grilled cheese in the NuWave oven.  I thought it was absolutely crazy.  In my opinion the grilled cheese is the perfect sandwich and the only thing you could do in the NuWave oven is screw it up.  Well, I have no problem admitting when […]