Deviled Eggs In The Nuwave Oven

  Did you know you can hard boil eggs right from your NuWave Oven?  Not only can you do that but you can take those hard boiled eggs and make these fantastic deviled eggs out of them that everyone is sure to enjoy.  Let’s start first with how you can use your NuWave Oven to […]

Perfect Turkey Bacon in the NuWave

When I first got my Nuwave oven we had decided it was time to start eating healthy.  One of my favorite foods is not that healthy and that is bacon.  Now, several times over I had tried turkey bacon which is much better for you than the standard pork bacon.  I, however, could never get […]

Nuwave Banana Chips

As some are aware but many are not your NuWave Oven can also be used as a Food Dehydrator.  In this article I will talk about one of my favorite things which is making banana chips with my Nuwave Oven.  The first step in this is to find the right bananas.  A lot of people […]