NuWave Chicken Parmesan

The NuWave Oven is one of the most popular ovens in the market today. This oven is capable of preparing very delicious and nutritious meals in a very short time. The oven can easily cook, defrost, barbeque and broil food. It can also bake, air fry and steam food in a short time. It is […]

Nuwave Garlic Mustard Chicken

Nuwave oven is one of the most prominent ovens that can be used to prepare a variety of delicious meals in less time. This appliance does save not only time but also money. Garlic mustard chicken is one of the most delicious recipes that can be cooked using the Nuwave oven. To prepare Nuwave garlic […]

Nuwave Chicken Cordon Bleu

Making Nuwave Chicken Cordon Bleu was never that easy before! till the time I used Nuwave oven for the same. This is a prompt and wonderful method to make your meal on Nuwave oven. When I made this, just exactly like I am going to tell you,everyone was so impressed at dinner table.It takes all […]

Chicken in Cream Sauce – NuWave Oven

Chicken in cream sauce has always been an easy-to-make favorite. It’s always best when the chicken is tender and flavorful, matched perfectly with a thick, velvety cream sauce. With the NuWave oven, we’re giving an old favorite a fresh new flavor… and an even easier preparation process. 1.) Ingredients · 2 chicken breasts · 2 […]

NuWave Chicken Enchaladas Recipe

Enchilada is a corn tortilla that is rolled around a filling then covered with enchilada sauce. Enchiladas can be filled with different ingredients depending on one’s preference including beans, meat, potatoes, cheese, seafood among others. Well-cooked enchiladas fills the house with a wonderful aroma. It is very easy to cook enchiladas using the NuWave Oven. […]

NuWave Chicken Breast

The NuWave Oven cooks food using three cooking methods; conduction, convention and infrared. This appliance can be used to cook almost any type of food including chicken breasts. The NuWave Oven allows the fat to drip off of the chicken. It is even more convenient as the chicken can be placed in the oven even […]

Air Fried Chicken in the Nuwave Oven

The following is the best way that I have found to make fried chicken in your NuWave oven.  This chicken turns out tasting just as good as the deep fried stuff you might get at the fast food restaurant, but has none of the things that are bad for you.  The first thing you need […]