Deviled Eggs In The Nuwave Oven


Did you know you can hard boil eggs right from your NuWave Oven?  Not only can you do that but you can take those hard boiled eggs and make these fantastic deviled eggs out of them that everyone is sure to enjoy.  Let’s start first with how you can use your NuWave Oven to hard boil eggs.

I am going to deviate for a minute just tell you how to cook eggs.  You can use the 10″ pan and put it on the 4″ rack inside the NuWave oven and that will give you Sunny Side up eggs.  You can make a NuWave sandwich by racking an egg and breaking the yolk in an oven safe small pyrex dish.  Cook that on high with some turkey bacon for 8 minutes and then put them on your english muffin (3 minutes in the Nu Wave).  To do scrambled eggs make them normally and throw them in the 10″ pan.  Place that on the 4″ rack and give that 5 minutes, then just scramble them with your spatula and serve.

nuwave deviled eggs
Deviled Eggs I made in my Nuwave Oven

Now to do hard boiled eggs for your deviled eggs.  Place the whole egg on the 1″ rack and put in the NuWave Oven.  Put that on power level high and cook for 13 minutes.  You get a beautiful egg and it won’t have that gray ring around the yolk either.

Now for the deviled eggs after you have hard boiled let them sit for 2 minutes and then transfer them to a bowl of ice water.  Peel the eggs and then slice them in half.  Transfer the yolks from the eggs into a bowl.  Add 1/4 cup miracle whip, about a teaspoon of yellow mustard and salt and pepper to taste.  I like to add either 1 1/2 tablespoons of pickle relish OR you can add about a teaspoon of juice from sweet baby gherkin pickles, also optional.  Stir the mixture with a fork until a smooth consistency is formed.  Spoon the mixture back into the halves of eggs.  Sprinkle them with paprika.  Now all you have to do is chill and serve.


4 thoughts on “Deviled Eggs In The Nuwave Oven

  1. JUST saw this and JUST made them…a-MA-zing…had no idea you could do them in the Nuwave…and it doesn’t stink up the house like boiling them does…definitely my new go-to!! Love my Nuwave!

    1. Glad you liked it. Feel free to share with friends there are links for every social media site right from the post!

  2. Seems like they would be dry, but I realize that’s not the case. Well done!


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