Air Fried Chicken in the Nuwave Oven

The following is the best way that I have found to make fried chicken in your NuWave oven.  This chicken turns out tasting just as good as the deep fried stuff you might get at the fast food restaurant, but has none of the things that are bad for you.  The first thing you need is a few key ingredients.  I use boneless skinless chicken breasts that are thawed.  You can marinate them overnight if you want.  Some choose to marinate in buttermilk and a ranch dressing seasoning packet.  I usually just have frozen chicken breasts so I don’t tend to marinate overnight, I just thaw them overnight.

kentucky kernel seasoned flourTake an egg and about 1/4 cup of milk and whisk together in a bowl.  In another bowl I would get you some Kentucky Kernel Seasoned Flour.  This stuff makes the absolute best fried chicken on the face of the earth.  Dredge  your chicken breasts through the egg milk wash and then coat in the Kentucky Kernel Seasoned Flour.  Once you have all your chicken breasts coated int he flour place them on a sprayed (with PAM Original) 4″ rack in the NuWave oven.  Once the chicken is on the rack I would spray it with the PAM also just to keep the flour from flying around.

Now you press cook time then one then five.  That’s full power for 15 minutes.  Then press start.  Once the cooking is complete do not let the chicken sit inside the NuWave oven.  It will create a steam and moisture which turns the fried chicken into soggy chicken.

Now you have delicious air fried chicken in your NuWave Oven!

6 thoughts on “Air Fried Chicken in the Nuwave Oven

  1. This do not work for me, not sure what I did wrong. The chicken cooked and taste good but the flour did not brown.

  2. How can I get an instruction book or a recipe book address Margaret Robinson 311 N Los Feliz Chandler Az 85226

  3. When frinig chocking in nuewave (boneless chicken breast) for 15 min. Do you need to turn it?

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