How To Cook a Steak in The NuWave

I really like a good steak.  As a matter of fact I hardly ever order a steak at a steak house because you over pay for a relatively mediocre cooked steak.  There are a few places that I like.  Longhorn steakhouse does a pretty good job for a chain, much better than Outback in my opinion.  There are a few overpriced steak houses local to my area that do a pretty good job as well.  I really like a dry aged steak but because of the price I very rarely get one of those.  On top of that if you eat a dry aged steak at a restaurant you are really going to pay for it.

nuwave steakA lot of specialty meat stores will carry a dry aged steak either a strip or better yet a rib eye.  If you come across those and haven’t had it take it from me it is worth the additional cost to have one every once in a while.

Now as for the NuWave oven, it can cook a steak just about as good as any other way to cook it.  The nice thing about the NuWave is when it cooks meat it gives it a good done outside and keeps it good and moist on the inside.  Even a well done steak can turn out moist (I know sounds impossible) when cooked in the Nuwave Oven.

Steak is real simple to cook.  Get a good steak seasoning.  Mccormick makes some pretty good steak seasonings there are plenty in the spice aisle.  If all else fails use some Lea and Perrins worcester and some salt and pepper.

For a 2 inch think steak here is your cooking times.  For rare cook the steak 7 minutes on high, turn over and cook another 7 minutes.  For Medium Rare cook 9 minutes on high turn over and cook another 9 minutes.  For Medium cook 10 minutes on high turn over and cook another 10 minutes.  For well done, but still a juicy steak cook 12 minutes on high, turn over and cook another 12 minutes.

This should turn out the perfect steak.  Comment below on your modifications and experiences!

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