NuWave stuffed chicken breast: An easy and mouth-watering meal to prepare in NuWave Oven

NuWave oven is used by millions of people all over the world due to its effective quality and reliability it provides in preparing appetizing meals in a very timely manner. It is a brilliant cooking appliance that can used by even a novice. NuWave is an all in one cooking solution and used to bake, grill, roast, steam and broil. The oven is tested and proven to be an incredible product to prepare healthy food, which helps in reducing fat and cholesterol level.

NuWave Stuffed Chicken BreastNuWave oven can be used to cook a variety of delicious meals in no time. One such tempting dish is NuWave stuffed chicken breast filled with prosciutto basil. The recipe is well liked by people and can be prepared easily in NuWave oven. It sure requires some time to grill the chicken breast; however the process is very simple.


1 boneless and skinless chicken breast 1 teaspoon of coarse grain mustard 2 slices of prosciutto 8 fresh basil leaves ΒΌ cup of mozzarella cheese Salt and pepper as per the taste


On the surface, spread prosciutto slices with mustard Top the slices with basil leaves and sprinkle them evenly with mozzarella Roll up the prosciutto slice starting with the short end Pat skinned chicken into slice and put it on the surface Remove tender from each breast and keep the rest intact. Remove the tender for further use Form a long thin pocket in chicken by horizontally inserting a sharp knife in the center. Fill prosciutto into the pocket with salt and pepper. Now grill the chicken on a 4 inch cooking rack or a liner pan for over 8 minutes at HI 3 power level in NuWave oven.

Just make sure to follow the steps effectively and your mouth-watering NuWave stuffed chicken breast will be ready to be served in front of your guests.


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  1. This recipe sounds delish – but unfortunately the wrong photo has been used. Is it possible to change it to the right picture – I would love to see what this dish really looks like!

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