How To Make A Nuwave Oven Holiday Ham


Please note that 99% of the hams are already cooked, so here is how to finish it and heat it:

nuwave holiay ham


-Remove the plastic from your ham.

-Slice your ham across the surface (around an inch deep) nice checker boardslices .

Please do not put the glaze on yet, (a lot of people make this mistake). It’s best put the glaze on in the last 15 minutes.

-Open your NuWaveOven and make sure you have the NuWave1 inch rack inserted in the bottom.

-Place your ham onto the rack inside your oven, place it up or down or on it’s side, it doesn’t matter.

-Put on your extender ring on top of the oven, that way it gives you a nice cooking space.

Cooking time: 15 minutes per pound on high.

-Set the power level to high using the button on the top of your oven.

-Press the numerical digits on top of the oven, for example if your ham is 6 pounds your cooking time will be 1 hour and 30 minutes so you would type in 1-3-0-.

-Press start.


Note: If you feel it is getting too brown you can place some time foil over the top. Don’t worry if the foil sticks out as long as the dome is closed it will be fine.


-Leave it until it has 15 minutes cooking time left to go,

so if your cooking time were 1 and 30 minutes you would take in out at 1 hour and 15 minutes.


-Take out the ham

– Glaze the ham, brush it over the surface (optional how much you put on it)

-put the ham back into the oven and replace the dome

-put in cook time 15 and press start


15 Minutes later you will have a lovely tasty browned ham.

-Wait until just before service to carve your ham to prevent it drying out at all.

-Enjoy your delicious ham simply cooked to perfection in your NuWave Oven.












3 thoughts on “How To Make A Nuwave Oven Holiday Ham

  1. While directions to cook the ham are clear and appear to be easy, “Glaze the ham, brush it over the surface (optional how much you put on it)” doesn’t tell you how to make the glaze. Are you assuming everyone purchases a ham with a glaze package on it? If so, why would your directions include scoring the ham when it would already be done with a ham that includes the glaze? Disappointed to say the least.

  2. You can google that. But any way i use cherry pie filling and pineapples. Put cherries on top of stove with about cup of brown sugar and juice from pineapples i use the pineapple slices. Let that simmer about 15 min till sugar dissolves. Then spoon over ham. Add Put

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