NuWave Chicken Parmesan

The NuWave Oven is one of the most popular ovens in the market today. This oven is capable of preparing very delicious and nutritious meals in a very short time. The oven can easily cook, defrost, barbeque and broil food. It can also bake, air fry and steam food in a short time. It is an oven that can perform all cooking methods for you. One of the delicious dishes that you can prepare using this oven is the chicken parmesan.

Recipe for chicken parmesan using NuWave Oven

NuWave Chicken ParmesanNuWave Chicken Parmesan has a preparation time of only 10 minutes and a cooking period of 22 minutes. The dish will satisfy two servings. The ingredients are 2 chicken breasts. These should have been kept in the fridge until they freeze. You also need 2 mozzarella cheese slices. It is best that these have a low fat content. You should also have cheese pasta sauce. A half cup will do. Salt, garlic powder and pepper can be added to flavor the food. Some Italian seasoning is also applicable. 

Cooking method

Use some aluminum foil to cover the 4 inch rack that’s in the NuWave Oven. Then you should rinse the frozen chicken with water. Dash some salt, pepper and garlic powder on the sides of the chicken breasts. These will flavor the dish when it is done. Put the prepared chicken on the foil surface on the NuWave rack. Cook the chicken pieces for 8 minutes. After they are done, open the oven and turn the chicken pieces over. Then you should cook them for another 8 minutes. Use a fork to see if they are cooked through and through. After they are done, remove them and place them in a pan for baking. This pan must also be lined with aluminum foil. Pour a quarter cup of pasta sauce on the chicken breasts and put a slice of the cheese on them too. After this, cook them in the NuWave Oven for 2 minutes and they will be ready to eat!

2 thoughts on “NuWave Chicken Parmesan

  1. This is a great recipe, but it would help if it said what temperature to set the oven on.

  2. The NuWave Oven isn’t set by temperature degrees. It cooks by time in minute increments. This recipe says cook 8 minutes each side, add sauce and cheese and then cook 2 minutes

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