Nuwave Air Fried French Fries

Oh yes the goodness of french fries usually stripped from the diet of the person trying to eat healthy.  But every once in a while these just have to sneak back in.  Instead of taking off to the nearest fast food restaurant for some greasy, fat dipped potatoes… try whipping up some great, more healthy alternative air fried french fries using your NuWave oven.  If you really feel like it you can peel your potatoes and then place them in the oven.  What I prefer is going to the store and getting your own.  There are two separate kinds that I think are the best and I commonly make them.

nuwave air fried french friesThe two kinds of premade fries that I by are the Ore Ida Steak Fries and there is another kind I usually find at the store that are called Longhorn Fries.  They are a bit skinnier and have some peel on them.  Both of these are made the exact same way by me and taste equally as good.  To make the fries, all you need to do is arrange them in a single layer on the 4 inch rack in your NuWave oven.  You will then want to cook them on high power for 12 minutes.  Here is a big tip.  Make sure to remove the dome as soon as the cooking time is over.  This prevents steam from forming which will take the air fried crispiness out of your fries.

Now I usually throw them in a big mixing bowl once they have cooked with about a teaspoon of Lawry’s seasoning salt and then about 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt and shake them up.  This gives them a good seasoning and makes them taste absolutely perfect.  Serve along side anything you would normally eat fries with!


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