How To Make Nuwave Lava Cake Using Nuwave Oven

Do you want to surprise your fiance with a good baked and nutritious cake during his birthday? Cooking him a NuWave Lava Cake is very easy.NuWave lava cake is most delicious cooked using NuWave Oven. NuWave Oven is most popular and commonly used.

NuWave Lava CakeWhy to use NuWave Oven?

It’s time consuming. Its takes less time to bake NuWave Lava cake.

Prepares variety of delicious meals.

It’s available at an affordable price.

It’s durable. It says longer due to its good material.

Have a warranty. The user is guaranteed a replacement in case a problem occurs.

NuWave oven does not only bake but also dehydrate, grill and steam.

Recipe of moist molten NuWave Lava Cake

Description the Moist Molten NuWave Lava cakes.

They were first baked in New York. They are moist and yummy. When you follow the recipe below carefully you will make delicious cakes.


3/4 kg cup of dark chocolate

150 gram of sweet butter

3 eggs

Pinch of salt to paste.

250 grams of baking powder

75 gram of flour (all purpose)

A half cup of sugar (caste)

Steps to follow.

  1. i) Preheat your NuWave Oven to 180C
  2. ii) Sieve flour and you sift it, salt and baking powder and mix them.

iii) Beat eggs and sugar to make fluffy and light mixture.

  1. iv) By use of bain marie melt your chocolate.
  2. v) For butter to melt add it to the chocolate which had melted.
  3. vi) Mix the flour, eggs and chocolate in a large bowl using spatula made of rubber.

vii) Fill the baking tins 3/4 and bake at 160C to 180 C for at least 10 minutes.

viii) Decorate if necessary.

  1. ix) Enjoy your Moist Molten NuWave Lava Cake.

NuWave Oven is also used to prepares other recipes like pork chops,steak,nut bread and roasted turkey.

Flavorwave oven is another type of oven but differs with NuWave Oven in its brand. Using NuWave Oven is the best choice which will never frustrate you.

If you want to bake luscious cake go for NuWave Oven!

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